Name, Logo and Motto

A Chinook is a warm wind blowing eastwards from the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. As we are located as far west as one can locate in Canada, on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia, it is apropos that this name represents our geographical location. And, as Canoe Kayak Canada’s Sprint National Championships are rarely west of Regina, we will always be blowing in from the west to compete.

A Chinook is also a highly prized Pacific Ocean salmon; spiritually, culturally and monetarily valuable. The Chinook “King” salmon sometimes have blueish-green/reddish-purple sides and backs. Chinook chose our unique team colours on our singlets to reflect this.

Embedded in our club logo: a small white “c” of CRcC with the black background refers to the Latin word “celeritas”, which translates as “swiftness”, while bearing the value of the “speed of light” as expressed in Einstein’s equation of the Theory of Special Relativity: E = mc2.

Motto: perficientur excellentiam
Our Latin motto means “performance excellence” or “high performance”. Chinook Racing Canoe Club was established to introduced children and youth in our community to Sprint Canoe Kayak and to provide a local resource for those pursuing the sport competitively without being required to transfer to the mainland.

Our Vision/Mission

Chinook Vision

A robust and healthy Sprint Canoe Kayak racing club that provides opportunities for mentorship, leadership, success and performance excellence for members of our community.

Chinook Mission

Chinook provides opportunities for youth to discover and to realize the spirit, sportsmanship and pursuit of excellence in the Olympic discipline of Sprint Canoe Kayak.

Funding Assistance Options

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Chinook gratefully acknowledges the support of ViaSport and the Government of British Columbia

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Our gratitude to Telus Victoria Community Board for their generous donation

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